Domaine de Fontbonau

From the reception of the grapes till their barrel aging, we favour a traditional winemaking during which grapes and then juice is treated with the mildest manner possible, depending on their maturity, their potential (tannins’ quality, colours and aromas concentration). Also, we limit as much as possible any berries moves: all our equipment for reception of the harvest, for de-stemming and for pressing is movable. The wine is then drained into barrels by gravity.

We wish for extracting a beautiful substance by respecting the crop. In this perspective, we can possibly proceed with a small cold pre-fermentation maceration to extract noble colours and aromas. During the fermentation and maceration, we alternate between pump-over and soft manual punching down of the cap. The frequency and duration of these measures as well as the choice of either of these techniques will always be determined according to the evolution of the quality of the musts perceived by our daily tastings. We seek a balance between structure, fine tannins, expression of the typical varietal aromas and fruit freshness.

After a 12 month ageing in barrel, the wines are bottled without fining or filtration thus preserving the expression of the wine.

Les Chaux de Fontbonau

Named by the main plot getting into the wine blend, Les Chaux de Fontbonau is the second label of the estate.
It has benefited from the same cares than the 1st label in the vineyards and in the cellar :

- In the vineyard: regular mechanical plowing of the soils, organic pest management and precise canopy management

- In the cellar: manual harvesting, vinification by parcel, cold pre-fermentation, alternative pumping over and punching down, barrel ageing.

La Lence de Fontbonau


The Roussannes and Viogniers that compose this white were planted in 2009, after a searching study of soils and a hard selection of plant material.


Curious to gauge the potential of this parcel, we decided to vinify the grapes produced by this young vine.

However, the objective remains the durability of the plot and good rooting for the plants. We drastically reduce yields, so as not to compete with the vine in its implementation. So what makes this wine a confidential production of some barrels.


The wines show great richness and are very promising.

Roussanne expresses well and Viognier just boost the blend.

The fermentation takes place in stainless steal vats . Then the wines are drained in barrels for the malolactic fermentation.


The Lence is conditioned at the beginning of the summer following the harvest .

The Lence 2013 will be the first certified organic wine from Domaine !