Thoughtful cellar

Throughout this adventure, building a winery on the property was not the least of our challenges. To awaken this sleeping beauty, we must offer it a vat room and an ageing cellar. We deliberately opted for a contemporary architecture. The building produces enough electricity for its operation and we collect all the waters.

Our first requirement was to pursue as natural a winemaking style as possible, allowing the characteristics and aromas of the grapes to express at its best.

Thus for example, we sized our vats according to the size of the parcels so that each can be vinified separately and, subsequently, drained into separate barrels. During the blending, we will judge the quality of each of them and we will allow ourselves not to integrate some barrels.

The harvest is a key step. The sorting of the grapes is done within the parcel by well trained harvesters and carriers. We also carry a second sorting at the end of the row.

Meticulous cares

From the first year on, we tied up ourselves into the vineyard restructuration: improvement of the plots’ drainage, precise studies of our soils, implementation of a program to rebalance the parcels and their utilization in line with what we wished to produce, plantation of 2,5 acres (1 hectare) of Roussanne and Viognier and Cabernet Sauvignon in 2010.

In parallel, we proceed with a regular mechanical plowing of our soils, an organic pest and disease control and with a differentiated management of the canopy surface our vine. These mechanical plowing enables a better oxygenation of the soil, helps to the development of beneficial fauna and flora and provide better rooting of the vines: vines can draw its water and mineral resources over a greater depth and are less sensitive to climatic hazards.

Our Grenache are mostly goblet pruned, this gives them a greater resistance to wind strength and a better aeration of the vine and thus the future harvest.